Barack Obama

4th August 1961,19:24; Honolulu, HI

  • Sun: Leo

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Firm of purpose would be one way of interpreting five planetary bodies, including the sun in Leo, and the Ascendant (Aquarius) and Mid-heaven (Scorpio) in Fixed signs; inflexible might be another. Fortunately, Obama has a very bendable moon in Gemini, which is the reason he is such a persuasive and articulate politician. He's a man for details too - Mars in Virgo sees to that - and with a trine to a Saturn-Jupiter conjunction he is a strategist, magnanimous when the occasion calls for it and austere at others. An elevated Neptune reveals him to be an idealist, a champion for the poor and the weak but also someone who can bend reality into any shape he chooses.

Penny Thornton

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