The Royal Engagement

William and Catherine

After a courtship lasting eight years the announcement of the engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton, or Catherine as she prefers to be known, can hardly be said to be a surprise. We can see they look right together and we surely know that they have put each other, their love and their relationship through plenty of tests so even without the benefit of astrology, they have a great chance of a long and uncontroversial marriage.

But before we head into the intricacies of the astrology I want to make a comment on some of the opinions currently being aired by royal pundits.

First, that Kate-Catherine is a breath of fresh air. That is precisely what we don’t want her to be. Diana and Sarah were both enthusiastically declared to be breaths of fresh air, and look what happened. No, let’s have that dusty, musty, crusty, conservative air that doesn’t bring the walls of Windsor Castle tumbling down.

Second, that the couple are clearly deeply in love. Now, I hope they are but they seem to me to be two great and loving friends, which is no bad thing when you need to stay married for decades. However, it worries me that that great falling-in-love ‘thing’ may have escaped them. I’m not sure it matters so much for Catherine who is fairly Saturnine but it will for William since he has Venus (the planet of love and relationship) opposed by excitable and risk-taking Uranus.

Third, Diana’s engagement ring. Am I the only person who thinks this is an unfortunate omen? Diana’s engagement and marriage brought her nothing but misery, and it will be a powerful and constant reminder of her life and death. Far better, surely, to have a spanking new ring, chosen with Catherine in mind, and Diana’s sapphire and diamonds made into another piece for her. Catherine being a traditionalist with a modern twist would no doubt have preferred an emerald-cut diamond set in platinum.

And while we’re on the subject of omens. A matter of days before the announcement of the engagement a tree fell into their cottage in Anglesey during a severe storm, causing considerable damage. Synchronicities, curious coincidences, often turn out to have great meaning over the course of time. Indeed, much was made in 1982 of a sudden gust of wind that blew out the candle held by Charles at William’s christening.

With this in mind, I am crossing my fingers and toes that the day on which they marry is not Friday, 29 July – the thirtieth anniversary of Charles’ and Diana’s wedding.

Penny Thornton

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