Inauguration of President Barack Obama

A new era for the United States of America began on 20th January 2009 when Barack Obama was sworn in as America's forty-fourth president. In keeping with his Aquarius-rising spirit President Obama promised to meet the demands of a New Age and to right the wrongs of the previous administration.

Barack Obama Inauguration
Barack Obama Inauguration
20 January 2009, 12hrs 05, Washington, DC

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This articulate, sometimes eloquent, president (moon in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius and sextile Mercury in Leo) described the times as those of 'gathering clouds and raging storms', in so doing echoing Winston Churchill's famous words during World War II. He urged Americans to rebuild their shattered spirit and chided them for 'our collective inability to make hard choices'. And however charming and measured his manner no one should doubt the fierce resolve of a man with seven planets and points in Fixed signs.

The day was joyous and reminiscent of a Royal Wedding, but not quite a Coronation, and it was hard not to believe that the US was not on its way back to former glory. (Apologies for the double negative.) Yet one glance at the chart of that moment - 12hrs 05 on a freezing Capitol Hill - throws some doubt on the effectiveness of this administration and the fulfilment of these early promises.

Barack Obama
Aug 4 1961, 19hrs 24, Honolulu, HI

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For a start, the swearing of the oathwas flubbed: Obama came in too early then the Chief Justice, John Roberts, put the word faithfully in the wrong place causing the almost- president to fluff his response. The result of this Mercury-retrograde blip was a second oath-taking (this time sans bible) the following day at 19hrs 35 in the privacy of The White House. Astrologers will always have to bear both these charts in mind, although I am sure virtually all of us will feel the horoscope of the 20th carries more weight. Mercury is, of course, retrograde but this serves a useful purpose in that this administration has a brief to 'restore the trust between the people and its government' and 'return to the old truths... and launch a new era of responsibility'. Also, Mercury is precisely conjunct the sun, which is in turn conjunct Jupiter - a very fortunate and protective aspect, guaranteeing more than a degree of success and certainly a restored image in the eyes of the world. Plus, this triple conjunction falls on Obama's natal Jupiter; in other words, he became President of the United States on his Jupiter return - a most impressive omen. But it's not the retrograde Mercury that is at issue in this chart, this moment in time, it is the void-of-course moon.

Penny Thornton

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