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Monthly Newsletter: July 2017

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  • Pluto - crossing the bridge of no return

A WEEK OR SO BEFORE I BEGIN each newsletter, I decide on a topic and start taking notes. However, more often than not, I am forced to abandon my project because significant events in the world trump my subject. On this occasion, I had decided to focus on British Prime Minister, Theresa May whose spectacular fall from grace has the stamp of Pluto all over it. Pluto, I thought: now, there's something I feel like talking about.

On the day I put pen to paper North Korea successfully launched a long-range missile that it claimed could "reach anywhere in the world" and was "the final gate to state nuclear force". It was the fourth of July, American Independence Day.

In response, South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, urged North Korea not to cross the bridge of no return.

And this, four days before a full moon at 17 degrees of Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto.

Under Pluto, we all too often burn bridges, and we really don't care who goes down with them.

North Korean Military might
North Korean Military might

Pluto - crossing the bridge of no return

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un

NORTH KOREA HAS TESTED ELEVEN missiles in the past six months in what is clearly a two-fingered gesture aimed at its enemies and critics, in particular the United States. Trump has inferred the US will take military action should North Korea cross a "red line", (that red line being North Korea's acquiring nuclear capability) but this is probably the same red line Obama used to threaten Syria. Then again, on 6th July in response to a journalist who asked what the red line meant, Trump replied, "I don't draw red lines."

The military option is unthinkable. The repercussions would be too terrible to contemplate. It would be the beginning of World War III.

However, when you consider who is in charge of North Korea - a paranoid dictator whose people treat as a god - it may already be too late to stop the inevitable march to total destruction. His grandfather, Kim Il-sung, is reported as saying, when asked what he would do if he lost a war with America, "destroy the world".

THERE IS NO OFFICIAL TIME GIVEN for North Korea's Independence on the 9th of September 1948, but I have in the past played around with a 7: 30 am chart which places the Sun in the 12th house, Mercury and Neptune rising to a Libra Ascendant, the Moon in the last minute of Scorpio and Uranus conjunct the Mid-heaven. Since North Korea is such a secretive nation, a 12th house Sun and a rising Mercury-Neptune conjunction make a lot of sense. Somehow, a Moon in jolly Sagittarius doesn't fit with the North Korea we have come to know and fear. A Moon in Scorpio seems much closer to the heart of a nation that thrives on paranoia. And if we go the traditional mundane astrology route of setting mid-day as an arbitrary time of 'birth', Moon in Sagittarius is what you get.

I am going to use a sunrise chart for our purposes here, which is my usual practice when a time of birth is unknown; that way there is no conflict between the Sun and the Ascendant, however, it means we cannot treat as significant any transits to the angles of the chart.

As you can see there's not a whole lot of activity in the horoscope worthy of a development of such magnitude: the only factor that could have a bearing on the nation's current actions is Neptune's opposition to the natal Sun. This might suggest the recent missile test is either a dream come true or a smoke and mirrors situation. During a Neptune transit it's difficult to find your bearings.

Sadly, it seems the former is the case since reports from elsewhere in the world confirm North Korea's successful launch of an ICBM, one capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

The nation has now built the bridge. All that remains is if and when it will cross it.

North Korea

North Korea
9 Sep 1948, 06hrs 15,
Pyongyang, North Korea

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North KoreaICBM Test

North Korea ICBM Test
4 Jul 2017, 09hrs 40,
Kusong, North Korea

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THE CHART OF THE RECENT MISSILE TEST provides a little more information. On 4th July at 9:40 am at Panghyon air field, Virgo was rising, Neptune setting; Venus is in prime position on the Taurus Mid-heaven. You may notice that the MC-IC axis precisely conjuncts the North Korean Moon in Scorpio (it is curious how prominent Venus can be in situations of conflict) and although we cannot rely on this natal Moon position, we do know the nation's Saturn is placed at 28 degrees of Leo - perfectly squaring the MC-IC axis of the missile test. There can be no doubting North Korea's serious intentions.

If you read the horoscope of the missile test like a horary chart, that it was successful is shown by the Grand Trine in water signs: (a triple conjunction, Sun, Mars and Mercury in Cancer, trining Neptune in Pisces and the Moon in Scorpio); furthermore, the last aspect the Moon makes before leaving Scorpio is an opposition to Venus, which, of course, makes such powerful connections to North Korea's natal chart.

As if all that wasn't enough, with the missile being fired on America's Independence Day, the Sun of the missile test is America's Sun. Two fingers indeed.

IF AN ACCURATE HOROSCOPE FOR North Korea is a bridge too far, a birth chart for its leader Kim Jong-un is even more of a challenge. The prevailing wisdom maintains he was born on the 8th January, 1983. However, when he became leader on the death of his father the state declared his year of birth to be 1982. And then there is his late mother who called her adored little boy "Morning Star King" leading many people to believe Jong-un was born on the 8th January, 1984 - the only year upon which Venus, the Morning Star, could have risen on that date.

There is at last some evidence to support the 1984 birth year, since his Aunt, living in the United States since 1998, maintained in an interview with The Washington Post (2016) that Jong-un was born the same year as her first son (1984) and she "changed both of their diapers".

So, I am inclined to take the 1984, Venus-rising chart to be the most likely.

With the bulk of the planets occupying a single quadrant, Jong-un is a specialist. He has clear aims and places his focus firmly on achieving them. A factor enhanced by his Capricorn Sun. Mars is conjunct Pluto and sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn, adding to an already formidable portrait of a man prepared to go to any lengths to achieve his ends. And with six planets in the twelfth house, he is an enigma, a man of many masks.

Then there's the Moon in Pisces...

Clearly, he has a sentimental side and he's probably not averse to believing he has the authority of a living god, and certainly that he has the right to choose who shall live and who shall die. He may intend to rule the world.

Jong-un also has four planets in Sagittarius. Admittedly this quartet is nesting in the 12th house and therefore operating under the radar, but there must be some redeeming qualities to this dictator. He obviously enjoys a good laugh, sport and has a taste for the good life.

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un
8 Jan 1984, 07hrs 00,
Pyongyang, North Korea

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What we should be looking at, though, is his Sun in Capricorn, which at 17 degrees of the sign is currently undergoing a transit of Pluto.

Pluto, the Great Transformer, the Great Eliminator, the 'planet' of endings and beginnings. The bridge between before and after.

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ACROSS THE WORLD will be currently experiencing a Pluto transit to their Capricorn Sun and none of them may be planning to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Most will simply feel 'up against it'.

A Pluto transit can inspire feelings of paranoia and certainly a sense that you are facing overwhelming circumstances, most of which you did not set in motion or desire. (That's a moot point, by the way: we may not think we have contributed to events, but whether from a karmic point of view or actions we have performed in real life many moons before, we have helped bring them about.)

Job losses, financial melt-downs, relationship crises - life crises - these are all aspects of a Pluto transit to your Sun. It is a tough passage to deal with because it takes two years to fully complete, during which you face wave after wave of challenges. There will be endings and beginnings; losses and gains; rises and falls; and by the time it is over you will have changed at core level: like a snake, you will have painfully shed a skin in order to emerge with a shiny new one.

WHICH BRINGS ME ON TO THERESA MAY. Surely one of the most vertiginous rises and falls in political history. After David Cameron resigned in late June 2016 - he himself a victim of Plutonic hubris (his Sun at 15 degrees of Libra being squared by Pluto during the time he went from Prime Minister-with-the-mostest to down and out after Brexit) - Mrs May inherited a comfortable majority in parliament, and with her calm and deliberate manner won the support, if not the heart, of the country. There were shades of Margaret Thatcher about her. Here was someone the Brits could trust. She was admired as much for her shoes as for her no-nonsense manner. But fast forward eleven months, and she is a 'fallen woman'.

Theresa May
Theresa May - On The Up
Theresa May
Theresa May - A 'Fallen Woman'

Having maintained she would not put Great Britain through another election close on the heels of the Brexit referendum, she did precisely that. Britain went to the polls on 8th June 2017 and gave her a result she never expected. With not enough seats in parliament to guarantee a majority, she was forced to do a deal with the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland); worse, with no clear mandate to negotiate the terms of Britain's exit from the EU, she has become a weak and humiliated figure on the world's stage.

She was brought down by her own hand, and sadly, the country has come with it - a reflection, no doubt, of Pluto's transit to Great Britain's natal Mercury.

WE DO NOT HAVE A TIME OF BIRTH for Theresa May, and with just a solar chart to go on, there seems little astrological evidence to support the past year's roller-coaster ride. Since her rise and fall is typical of Pluto's work, we need to see this planet currently in a prominent position.

With this in mind, I set up two speculative charts for her: one which puts 16 degrees of Capricorn on the Ascendant and the other which put the same degree on the Mid-heaven. Both have their merits.

Theresa May was brought up in middle-class Britain; an only child, her father a vicar. Academic and hard-working, educated in both the state and private system, she read Geography at Oxford and graduated with a second class BA in 1977. Before entering politics in 1986, she worked in the City as a financial consultant. In May, 1997 she was elected MP for Maidenhead. Long a leading light in the Conservative party, she was appointed Home Secretary by David Cameron in 2010.

THE CAPRICORN RISING CHART MAKES good sense in terms of her life story. Saturn, the ruling planet, is in pride of place conjunct the Scorpio Midheaven, which supports May's determined, resolute character, her dogged approach to achieving her ends and her less than fluffy image. With such a strong Saturnian influence, revealing any weakness is not in her nature. She gets on with the job, whatever the circumstances. An asset that became a flaw first, when she failed to apologize to those who had lost their seats in the general election she had unnecessarily called, and second, more seriously, when she failed to meet with the inhabitants of Grenfell Tower who had lost homes, livelihoods and loved ones in the fire. The blackened, burnt-out building now stands like an accusing monolith on the borders of leafy and wealthy Kensington.

The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter occupy the 8th house, which makes sense of her career in the City, and with a Mars-Jupiter opposition on the 2nd/8th axis, she is clearly quite the financial expert and someone not averse to spending money, either.

Theresa May (Capricorn Rising)

Theresa May (Capricorn Rising)
1 Oct 1956, 15hrs 30,
Eastbourne, UK

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That Pluto, the ruler of the Mid-heaven and the area of career and life-direction, has been wafting over her Ascendant since the beginning of 2016 resonates with her rise to the premiership and her current demise. Not only this, but also Mars (the co-ruler of Scorpio) is presently the focus of a Neptune transit. And we get into a real pickle with Neptune. Our dreams can be realized but our worst nightmares can materialize too. Chaos, confusion, duplicity and deception are the lot of Neptune.

IF WE PLACE CAPRICORN ON THE MID-HEAVEN of her chart, we acquire a new angle on Mrs May. Here, Taurus rises; Venus, the ruler, is conjunct Pluto, while Saturn, the ruler of the Mid-heaven is situated in the 7th house of partners and 'open enemies'.

We find Theresa the cook here (Taurus rising) and we also see Theresa the worker bee, the woman with a strong sense of service (6th house Sun, Mercury and Jupiter) and we also find husband, Philip. His Venus-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio falls squarely on her Descendant. No shortage or love or support from him; he could be her soul mate, and we can also see the trace of suffering the marriage brought in their failure to have children.

The coming weeks and months should tell us more about May's real horoscope. And although it seems likely she will resign so that a new leader will be elected, it is possible that she will rise like a phoenix out of the ashes due to her handling of a serious crisis in the coming months.

Theresa May (Taurus Rising)

Theresa May (Taurus Rising)
1 Oct 1956, 19hrs 30,
Eastbourne, UK

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I am interested in the progression of the Moon, which is currently at 29 degrees Scorpio (and bang on her natal Saturn) in the Taurus rising chart and 27 degrees Scorpio in the Capricorn rising horoscope. If the Capricorn rising chart is correct, we can expect to see some kind of leadership challenge in September.

THE RECENT MISSILE TEST IN NORTH KOREA has dramatically altered the perception the rest of the world has of North Korea. It ratchets up the military stand-off that has been in place in the Korean peninsula for decades. And it has put America in between a proverbial rock and a hard place. Sanctions have failed, China and Russia, North Korea's only allies, have failed to exert effective pressure on the country, and with the military option a non-option, a state of stalemate exists.

Trump has typically puffed a lot of smoke, declaring he is considering "some pretty severe things", but really and truly there's not a lot he can do.

Maybe he'll read my newsletter!

Under Pluto - and with the USA, Great Britain, Europe and much of the rest of the world all undergoing a Pluto transit of some description - the process of transformation is taking place 'before our very eyes'. The East is rising (in terms of financial power and influence) and the West is fading. And, in a way, it is the nature of things: civilizations come and civilizations go: The Roman Empire lasted roughly 500 years, The Ottoman 600 and The British Empire, arguably anywhere between 250 - 450 years.

Whenever there is great change, the mind-set must change. In our individual lives, when we see a situation from a different angle we find a new way forward. And simplistic as this may be, what is required from world powers now is a new mind-set on North Korea.

North Korea has achieved what it has long desired: to become an equal player on the world stage. Time cannot be rewound. We simply have to accept the new status quo.

It is possible - maybe remote - that once Jong-un has his nuclear capability he will come to the negotiating table. And even if he doesn't, trying to get the country to hold back on its nuclear programme is pointless.

Missile Testing
Missile Testing

Fear is the enemy of us all. When we allow fear to drive our actions, we make mistakes. Now is not the time for force with North Korea, it is the time to pull back and regroup. We need to learn how to live with it.

In the years since North Korea's independence, the state has stockpiled huge amounts of biological and chemical material - some 5,000 tons according to some reports - so it has had the means for years to destroy its enemies. And it hasn't. Even someone as paranoid and unpredictable as Kim Jong-un, must know that the unleashing of a weapon of mass destruction on a world power is to bring about total destruction. And regardless of his grandfather's wild words, I don't believe Jong-un intends to bring about a war no one can win.

Clearly, this coming weekend with its full moon conjunct Pluto is pivotal to what happens next regarding North Korea, if not a lot more besides. We may not immediately know what the US plans in terms of dealing with the new status quo, but it will almost certainly have been put in place on and around the weekend of the 8th/9th July.

We must just hope and pray it's not the military option.

Images from upi.com, businessinsider.com, mirror.co.uk, independent.co.uk, echo.net.au