Virgo in Love

Goodness know why word has it that Virgos are the staunch realists of the zodiac - the sign that is to romance what chalk is to cheese - but ignorance breeds many falsehoods. In truth Ms Virgo yearns to be swept away by love and passion and longs to find her soul-mate. However, since her logical mind informs her that this probably won't happen - at least in this lifetime - she makes an awful lot of noise about love being the holy grail of the seriously misguided. (She really doesn't mean it and she's hoping against hope that one day she'll be proved wrong.)

You and your opposite sign, the mystical and dreamy Fish, have more in common than you may think. The main difference is that while Ms Pisces dives into love and allows herself to be totally submerged by the experience, Virgo stands on the edge of those deep waters, analysing the pros and cons, until she convinces herself that her wetsuit will protect her. At some point, usually after several painful excursions into love, you realize that you cannot seal yourself off from hurt because it is the handmaid of love.

For some reason, perhaps because you can't resist lost causes, your sign picks up more than its share of life's dependents and misfits as partners, men who use and abuse you. This doesn't have to be a life-long pattern, of course, but the trend towards sacrificing yourself through a relationship needs to be faced and understood, so that you will attract a sane, loving and supportive mate. Part of the problem revolves around self-esteem, or the lack of it, and as soon as you get the idea that you deserve to be loved, like magic, it happens.

Forget all that nonsense about Virgo being the librarian and the caretaker of the zodiac - you are a sensuous, resourceful and fascinating creature. Now, repeat after me: I am desirable. I am a wild thing. I deserve the best.

The Virgoan Man

Virgo men do not draw attention to themselves: they insinuate their way into your life. Somehow they appear from behind the scenes and steel your heart: they were just a friend, maybe a no strings attached one-night-stand, yet before you know it you have become reliant on their know-how, happy to be an audience for their dry humour and pithy comments, and, well, used to them. To be honest, Mr Virgo can be tricky: he's emotionally very self-contained and not open to intimacy - a stark contrast to his passion and his performance under the sheets, or anywhere come to that - he's quite the dark horse. This man is drawn to highly-sexed and colourful, spontaneous women of the fire and air variety, yet when it comes to marriage (usually late and sometimes never) he'll go for a safe bet.

Who's For You

Your fellow Mutable signs top the list of candidates for your heart - Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo. Sagittarian men are just the most dazzling, devil-may-care hunks where you're concerned: they make you laugh, keep you guessing and defrost any icicles that may have formed around your heart. Yet in the long term you may find your Archer a little too casual, irresponsible and inconsiderate for you. The Gemini is another irresistible catch-me-if-you-can guy: you two never stop talking (or is that arguing?) and even though this relationship may not fulfil the promise of its sexual overture, you can manage a happy-ever-after story. Pisces is your near-perfect mate - sentimental, tolerant, forgiving and loving: sex is a crucial part of your relationship and can be sustained for many, many years. Another Virgo alternately captivates and irritates you, but a good long-term bet. Cancer and Scorpio are two other signs made to make you happy - these two signs appreciate your fine qualities and rub along with you very, very nicely.

Your Stone

What you should wear in your wedding or engagement ring

Pink diamond, Topaz, Jasper.

Life Love Money The Year Ahead for Virgo

For many Virgos 2016 brought triumphs but not for all. If you enter 2017 feeling bruised, battered and disappointed, do not for a moment think the Jupiter transit of your sign last year did nothing. Seeds were planted and they will grow into great blooms over time. This planet of abundance will be moving through the area of self worth this year upping your value whether in terms of money and prestige or who loves and admires you. Hang on to that thought. Late February and March are months of change - some of it very welcome - and in order to maximise success in 2017 you should get off the starting block in early January. Don’t wait for other people to make their moves or you’ll waste valuable time. There could be some happy events in May and July, and for a handful of Virgos a dream will come true on or near the 26th February.

That date of 26th February may turn out to be particularly important for your love life. And even if it comes and goes without an event of significance it will be the signature on any game-changing developments some weeks before or after that date. Neptune is a slow-mover through the area of relationships - this year focusing primarily on 3rd - 7th September birthdays. It is through Neptune that we experience ecstasy in love and find our soul mate yet this same planet can inspire loss, betrayal and disappointment. You may not be able to protect your heart against hurt but you can minimise the damage by acting immediately a red flag appears. A partner may require extra support this year, and living together may prove hard work. But you know what they say: no pain, no gain.

Making progress is often painfully slow with Saturn stationed at the base of your horoscope, but you are on the home stretch in 2017. And speaking of home. It may be that you’ve had problems with property, whether there have been costly repairs and renovation work or a home-sale has experienced delays and complications. Now that Jupiter is influencing finances money matters should ease and you can do well from sales and purchases. And while you should not risk life, limb and all your savings, investments and speculative deals could pay off handsomely. Three of this year’s eclipses cut across the work axis, so there could be some big changes afoot. You should benefit from any changes but it won’t harm to shore up your position and ensure you are in good odour with people who count.

Penny Thornton

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