Taurus in Love

Consider the bull for a moment - there is the one that grazes peacefully, picture-perfect, in the pasture then there is the other, moving ferociously towards the object of its intent, impervious to any obstacle, and really rather dangerous. They're both you, of course, but fortunately the raging bull within hardly ever gets an outing: in the main you are the most patient and contented of creatures.

Taurus is truly the earth-goddess of the zodiac - sensuous and monogamous, happy when your sexual needs are fulfilled and stoical when they're not. But like all goddesses, you have your diva moments - usually when someone has moved the goal-posts in a relationship, changed his mind and given you reason to doubt his fidelity. You, of all the signs, believe in possession - no, not the poltergeist kind, but life-long ownership of those you love. And therein lies your biggest problem. While it may take you time to give your heart to someone, once you have it's a commitment without an escape clause. And although you are loving and long-suffering you have a tendency to suffocate your partners, which can drive them away.

That old cliché if you want something you must first give it wings and send it on its way was tailor-maid for you. Very few living things thrive in captivity, so by giving your lover room to breathe, he'll freely give you all the love, loyalty and security you need. You may have to practice the technique of saying: 'Be out as long as you like, Darling,' and, ' My goodness, hasn't time flown, is it only a week since we spoke?' but once you get it, your man will be putty in your very capable, reliable, tactile, soft and tender hands. In fact he'll never ever want to leave them.

The Tauran Man

This man does not move very fast. He does not believe in the sudden storm of love and he'll need to road-test you for a very, very long time before he proposes marriage. As with everything in life, he wants guarantees and value for money. Mr Taurus is predictable and reliable, not spontaneous and daring, so if you want thrills and spills, head in the opposite direction. What the Taurus man is into is food and comfort - he's the couch-potato with a fondness for haute cuisine. He's also very sensual and sexy - quite the marathon man of the bedroom Olympics. To hook this guy, aside from being solvent and punctual, dazzle him with your intellect and tell him tall tales.

Who's For You

Leo and Aquarius are the top two signs in your little black book, with Scorpio and Taurus coming an equal third - with your own sign it's like looking in the mirror, all your good points and bad points are revealed and are addressed through each other. The Aquarian man fascinates you with his cool approach to life and love - he's a mystery you just long to solve, however, in the long run this guy's cool can come to feel like ice. Mr Leo is sexy and powerful: you can bask in the glow of his style, charm and talent, yet years into the relationship his obsessive self-interest could leave you cold. The Scorpio man is an excellent match - sex should be fantastic, and you're as jealous and possessive as each other: there are just enough sparks and just enough compatibility to keep your relationship throbbing with life for a life-time. Pisces and Cancer are two more great matches for you - they're happy if you're happy, adaptable and kind, and they dislike fights as much as you do.

Your Stone

What you should wear in your wedding or engagement ring

Emerald, lapis lazuli and coral.

Life Love Money The Year Ahead for Taurus

2017 represents the end of a seven year cycle for you. Jupiter’s entry into your opposite sign in October and Saturn’s arrival in Capricorn in December both mark a new beginning, so you should treat the bulk of the year as a seeding ground. Work diligently towards your ends, whether they be of a material, financial and professional nature or personal, romantic and family-oriented. The February and August eclipses are the big game-changers, precipitating events that alter your course and reveal where your priorities lie. Much of what is taking place in 2017 lies underground, under the radar, so making decisions that prove workable is going to be a major challenge. This pattern will start to shift mid-year; even so, you’ll need to be flexible in your planning and tolerant with other people’s vicissitudes.

Relationships take work. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare to put in some long hours. Jupiter’s entry into the zone of relating in early October marks the beginning of a year-long phase of marital improvements and important romantic developments. A new romance begun this year, especially in June, could lead to marriage, and you should have patience with struggling relationships because they could turn the corner later in the year. Intimacy is the big issue for many Taureans, whether a partner appears to be closed off or sexually unavailable or you feel your needs are unaddressed. Do not suffer in silence. Bring that elephant into the light of the living room, and if, by September, there is no change, prepare to put on your walking boots.

With Saturn in the zone of shared resources for most of 2017 austerity is the name of the game, but from September you should feel the economic pressures easing. There are highs and lows career-wise, largely driven by the eclipses of February and August, although work should be plentiful and your reputation on the rise. Be prepared for business partners and employers to be hard to please and far from generous, but this too will change as the year goes by. Property is also on top of the agenda with some of you selling/purchasing a home and others using the home as a source of income or a work base - July and August are key months here. Hold onto those dreams, Taurus.

Penny Thornton

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