Scorpio in Love

Do you know a Scorpio who hasn't a tale to tell of passion and heartbreak? I don't. Your sign is all about the glorious highs and deathly lows of the great love affair. You were born to love, live to suffer yet to rise again, like the proverbial phoenix, out of the ashes of each painful lesson in love. There is something deeper and more compelling about you than other women, something that goes beyond physical appearance and charm: you have genuine sexual magnetism, which men cannot resist. Yet like all females who thrive on passion and are driven to extremes, your ardour can draw you into the most inappropriate and mutually-destructive liaisons. Fortunately, like the scorpion itself, you are tough and not only survive the most fatal attraction but always live to exact the sweetest retribution. Oh, that Scorpio sting in the tail...

What, of course, would make the path to love and happiness a whole lot straighter and smoother would be to make a choice with your head as opposed to your heart. But then, that would be to deny yourself those sojourns in the troughs of pain and despair, which somehow replenish you. Then there's overcoming your jealousy and possessiveness. You were not born with the live-and-let-live gene, but, with practice you can acquire the appearance of giving a partner his space and you can conquer the desire to put him through a third-degree each time he's late for dinner. It is true to say that of all the signs Scorpios are their own worst enemies: creating unnecessary conflict and suffering agonies over hurts, real and imagined, but let's not forget that the making-up more than makes up for all the aggro. Indeed, you have the capacity to continue living the grande passion well into the geriatric years!

The Scorpios Man

You see that man, peering at you with unblinking intensity, seemingly oblivious of anyone else in the vicinity - that's Mr Scorpio, and he has serious intent. This man is led by his loins. There is no man more deeply and strangely attractive than the Scorpio - he promises to lead you into the dark mystery of sex: you sense you could be in trouble, but who cares! He's not always the most sociable and communicative of guys - he has his own agenda, and that's apparent to all. He is jealous and controlling; he can be cruel and manipulative. Yet he can also be gloriously romantic and utterly loyal. By the way, the best way to hook him is to treat him with disdain: he needs to be kept painfully interested - that's why he is so attracted to airy women, those who are as cool as cucumber and sometimes as cold as ice.

Who's For You

You like what you know, and as far as astrological attraction and compatibility go, that means your co-signs of the Fixed group: Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. Mr. Aquarius radiates charisma and cool, and he is compellingly drawn to your passionate nature. The sexual chemistry is intense, however, in the long run, so too is the conflict. Mr Leo is another must-have for you, and vice versa. Here too the sexual sparks really fly, yet this also tends to become a love-hate relationship. The Taurus man is an ideal mate - equally as sensual, just as possessive but a lot more emotionally stable. This can be a love story with a truly happy ending. Being in a relationship with another Scorpio is like having a twin - sometimes an evil twin and sometimes a soulmate. Capricorn and Virgo are two other signs highly compatible with you - these earth signs ground you, they sustain and contain you.

Your Stone

What you should wear in your wedding or engagement ring

Black Opal, garnet, jasper.

Life Love Money The Year Ahead for Scorpio

One word sums up 2017 - preparation. You have roughly ten months in which to lay down the building blocks of future projects, whether you see this in terms of your love life, family or career. As soon as Jupiter enters your sign (10th October) the foundations should be in place and from there you’ll start to see your creations take shape. The eclipses of the year fall on the axis of life-direction, so you can expect the biggest changes to occur in your career and at home base. And the periods to look out for are mid-February and all of August. 2017 is also the year of fitness. Take it slow, but you can become stronger, healthier and leaner and meaner in this year of preparation. These past few years may have seen you give up on a dream or two, but your hopes and self-belief need a reboot. Yes you can!

Life without passion is no life for Scorpio, and 2017 is all about following your passion, not only in regard to romance. Whether you have experienced rejection or a relationship has been through exceptionally hard times it is no surprise that you have lost faith in love. But never doubt the Tinkerbell effect: believe in something or someone enough and the magic happens. June is a top month for romance and the weekend of the 23rd particularly special; November also has its romantic high spots. While you do not want people to take advantage of you, continually putting a prospective partner through hoops is counter-productive. Your new word is believe. Likewise, being realistic about the state of a relationship is dynamic, being negative is destructive.

Saturn is spending its last year in the area of self-worth so you are on your way out of a cycle of decrease - less has meant less, and any growth has come at great cost. Nevertheless, 2017 is not the year to splash your cash around and put your faith in short-term gains. Long-term investments are the way to go, whether we’re talking buying property or building your career and accepting a less than wonderful salary. Making your home work for you, whether by renting or becoming your office is an option and for a few Scorpios an inheritance will make a positive difference. Changes at work happen suddenly, but with an excellent Venus transit of the work zone from February-through May you could achieve recognition and perform successfully in competitive situations. Preparation is all.

Penny Thornton

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