Gemini in Love

Now, will the real Gemini please stand up! If you're a mystery to yourself at times you're an even greater one to your lovers and partners - they don't know who they're going to wake up with on any given day, which, of course, is part of your charm and also your dilemma. You tend to think about love too much, worry too much and analyse your feelings too much, all of which gets in the way of the organic flow of a relationship. One day, you'll think you feel one way, and the next, another: you'll be passionate and needy on one occasion, and cool and remote on the next. Your inconsistency is quintessentially feminine, but very frustrating for both you and your partners. Learning to trust your feelings, share intimacy and to shut down the commentator in your brain are three ways of resolving your dilemma, living with another mutable sign is a fourth (more about this later).

As an air sign, the mind is the most important 'organ' of your body - you are an experimenter, and someone who enjoys playing and fantasizing. Yet you also need consistency and constancy in your life. This too poses a dilemma, because while you can fall in love and marry, inevitably you will become bored by the routine of marriage and the familiarity of your partner - there is no medication for this attention deficit disorder! Thus, extra-marital affairs are all too often the route that the restless Gemini heart takes, followed by a trip to the divorce courts. And not once, but often many times. Marilyn Monroe (three planets in Gemini, two marriages and countless affairs) reportedly telephoned a friend on the day she married Joe DiMaggio stating that she needed to get a divorce. Pronto.

The Geminian Man

Who is that man on the run, waving his hands in the air, talking to someone on his cell phone while addressing a group of followers? It's Gemini Man, of course. This man is convinced that it's harder to hit a moving target - a philosophy that works as well for his business life as it does for his love life. The best way to capture the heart of Mr Gemini, is to keep him at a distance too: he is particularly attracted to passionate and emotionally complex women, yet he cannot take angry scenes and copious tears. You see, he is difficult. There are, at least two men within every Gemini - Mr Nice Guy and Mr Ice Guy - this man will freeze you out when he's upset, angry or moving on. Still interested? Well, no surprise there, because the Gemini can be the most fascinating, boyish and charming man in the zodiac.

Who's For You

Here's where the other Mutable signs come in, for being with a Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarian or another Gemini can feel like 'coming home'. Mr Virgo makes an excellent fencing partner - and we're talking a skirmish of words here - and you tune into each other's sexuality in a deep, dark and mysterious way. In the long run however, that war of words can turn very nasty. Mr Pisces, proves endlessly fascinating and brings out your protective and responsible side - sex at the start of the relationship is out of this world, but after a couple of years it may peter out completely. The Sagittarian is a great companion, - a soul mate, a kindred spirit: you both drive each other bananas at times, and the sex could be less than wonderful, but you'll sustain a life-long affection for each other. And the same goes for Mr Gemini. Aries and Leo are two fire signs who are made to make Ms Gemini happy - these two signs give you a run for your money, they make stimulating partners and loving supporters.

Your Stone

What you should wear in your wedding or engagement ring

Tanzanite, Topaz and Beryl.

Life Love Money The Year Ahead for Gemini

The combination of Saturn and Neptune has made life complicated for most Geminis. Great plans have fizzled out, seemingly for no good reason, and after a series of disappointments you may well have lost some of your innate self-belief. Fortunately, you’re on the home stretch in 2017 and even though you may still have to work hard to achieve your ends, you will be able to see projects through to the finish - and very successfully too in most cases. There is a lot more fun to be had this year - a great holiday for some, opportunities to showcase your skills for others, and adding to the family by birth or marriage for a few. March and September are important months for your future, and it may seem as though fate has taken you by the hand. It hasn’t. Seeds of events were sown many moons ago.

One of the features of a Saturn transit of the relationship zone is that friendships, business partnerships and marriages undergo a test. Sometime a relationship comes through with flying colours and sometimes it collapses. This trend continues through 2017, and you may be surprised at the people who leave your circle. Next year you will be beginning a new chapter of life, and events of 2017 act as a filter eliminating the inappropriate and unworthy. Age has a part to play in your love life, whether you fall in love with someone older than you or because the gap between you and a partner has widened over the years. By contrast if a love affair has passed all tests it is time to marry or remake your vows. The weekend of the 13th June could be perfect.

Now that the sense of losing ground in your career is diminishing you should be able to make better progress. While you may have had to swallow your pride and accept circumstances that did not reflect your value, the lesson in humility will pay off. If you have a career choice to make this year, go where your vision and your talents to help and guide will be of use. You may benefit from a more flexible work/time schedule and exploring alternative ways to earn money and enhance your profile are recommended. Conserve funds and don’t be tempted to speculate to accumulate. Not only is the global economy in uncertain shape but backers and systems that have been in place for years may start to fail in 2018. Get that cushion under you.

Penny Thornton

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