Aries in Love

Arians have a pioneering spirit when it comes to affairs of the heart, and a rather naive approach to relationships generally. You learn by experience, slowly: it takes many tangos with Mr Wrong before you realize mother was right all along - marry in haste, repent at leisure. Your passions are easily ignited and just as quickly extinguished, sometimes because familiarity and routine breed disinterest but most often because the thunderbolt of love blinded you to the fact that your Prince Charming had webbed feet. Yes, you are hot-blooded, warm-hearted, giving and highly committed, but not only would you save yourself serious disappointment by taking the time to get to know someone properly but you would also benefit from allowing a guy discover for himself all your manifold virtues. He really doesn't need a daily bulletin of your assets. Then, there's your talent for leadership - or shall we just call it what it really is, bossiness. As my lovely Gemini husband said in exasperation to his Aries wife the other day, 'I'm simply not used to having my life run for me by a five foot two inch woman'.

Love and relationships improve with age, fortunately, but almost always after one or two painful excursions to the divorce court. Once you have discovered what a terrific person you are, and that you can manage perfectly well on your own, you no longer feel the need to sweep each and every man you meet off his feet, just to prove to him and the world what a catch you are. You also learn, by trial and error, that it is better to let the guy kill dragons for you, not the other way around. And the good thing is, that by the time other women's idea of fun is joining the knitting circle in the old-age home, you'll be heading off to the Amazon with your much younger man who simply adores you!

The Arian Man

The Aries guy is always at his best at the start of the relationship. He's terribly keen to impress you and his passion will convince you that you're the only one for him. And you are - for the time being. Mr Aries, like Mr Gemini and Sagittarius has a short attention span. To keep him hot on your trot to the altar, and for evermore, be mysterious and unavailable. This man loves practical, sensible, prudent and classy women. He is fun to be with, a confident and innovative partner, generous - actually, a bit of a spendthrift - but he needs enormous amounts of ego-massage to keep him happy and stable.

Who's For You

Aries is attracted to partners who also belong to the Cardinal signs, and these, besides Aries with whom you share a happy but bumpy ride are: Capricorn, Cancer and Libra. The Capricorn male adores your energy and vitality while you love his strength and reserve, his practicality and his consistency. The sexual chemistry between you can be fantastic: the trouble is, in the long run the celestial Goat can become rather boring and he may try to over-control, and certainly criticise you. Mr Cancer loves your confidence and your wild streak while you love all that deep emotion and sensuous love-making. Once the honeymoon is over however, the Cancerian male could alienate you with his moods and silences. Libran men are an excellent match and definitely provide balance for you. The love affair can go on and on and on. Gemini and Aquarius are two more signs that go well with Aries. You'll never be bored with either of these two airy men - life will be full of adventure, experiment and fun.

Your Stone

What you should wear in your wedding or engagement ring

Diamond, ruby and bloodstone.

Life Love Money The Year Ahead for Aries

Show me an Aries that hasn’t fallen off the pinnacle of its high expectations recently and I’ll reveal someone living on borrowed time. These past few years have taught most of you the value of persistence and the virtue of facing a defeat with dignity. What hopefully has not happened is that you have become so gun-shy, you’re settling for the slow lane of life and giving up on your ambitions. With Jupiter in your opposite sign until mid-October you now have a real chance of succeeding where once you failed and of finding great happiness. Put those lessons into practice though: don’t give your pearls to swine and refuse any offer that promises a quick return for your investment. February starts the ball rolling with an unexpected stroke of good fortune and your star will be shining bright until the end of the year.

Marriage is on the horizon for many Arians and this is certainly the year to partner up with people whether for love, money or shared passions. Venus enters your sign on 3rd February and will remain there (on and off) until early June, sprinkling you with fairy dust and generally putting you in the right place at the right time. And if you’re looking for your special day, how about 19th May? Of course, there’s no such thing as perfect, and if Uranus and Pluto are on your case (8th-16th April birthdays in particular) relationships begin and end suddenly and partners will tend to be the source of difficulty. The full moon of 11th April is one point at which a relationship stands or falls, the second week of October another. Nevertheless, this is your year to right a whole lot of romantic wrongs.

Make the most of these next twelve months in terms of building your career and forging strong business connections because when Saturn enters the zone of career and life-direction (December) you need to be in a strong position. Ignore deep problems at work; fail to put in all the hours; rest on your laurels, and 2018 is going to be difficult. Take the long view, both in terms of money and work. Broaden your horizons by reaching out to people in distant places and adding to your skills and credentials. Assume a rainy day is coming; keep spending down, down-size and be conservative in your expectations. Early March is the time to take a risk and events in early August could boost your ego and your bank account

Penny Thornton

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