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1st May 2017 - 7th May 2017

It’s May; it’s May, the merry, merry month of May! I love that song from Camelot. It conjures up images of apple blossom, primroses and pale green woodlands teaming with chirping birds. And it is especially cheering when you’re looking out of your study window at a grey and rainy day.Well, whether you’re feeling a spring in your step and looking forward to the summer or preparing for autumn and the onset of winter, with Mercury returning to normal service, those irritating communication and travel blips should be on their way out.I’m currently playing around with the idea that fake news is a lot more prevalent when Mercury is in retrograde, so during the next few days our information services could be uncovering the truth behind more than one recent story that bathed a situation in a very different light.

May 2017

The Month Ahead

 After the stops, starts and reversals of the last few weeks you begin to make progress. You have your mojo back and instead of waiting for other people to reach decisions, you can call the shots…

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