The Week Ahead

26th Feb 2018 - 4th Mar 2018

If your world like mine has fuzzy edges around it at the moment, blame Neptune. For the third week in a row, this divine yet deceptive planet is in high profile.On Friday, the full moon in Virgo is closely opposed to Neptune, so if your news feeds are full of reports about weird goings-on, don’t be surprised.

I would like to think that upon aspects like these consciousness is being raised, and that we will all be able to take a more elevated view of events, but more often than not we experience Neptune’s underbelly, which plunges us into a world that is chaotic and illusory.So, my advice to you for the week ahead is to treat rumours with a pinch of salt and get everything in writing.

And if you are in two minds about anything, hold that thought!.

February 2018

The Month Ahead

 A month with a solar eclipse in your sign is sure to be unforgettable, and probably for reasons you cannot imagine…

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