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26th Jun 2017 - 2nd Jul 2017

This is a busy and expensive time of year for me. There are a host of birthdays in the Thornton family to celebrate, some of them big zeros. And birthdays are a time of reassessment and renewal. They also remind us of the passage of time.Before we are ten years old it seems as though it takes for ever to grow up, and even in your early teens the years pass slowly. Then suddenly you’ve left school and in a heartbeat you’ll be attending a ten-year reunion.

As for the years after forty, where on earth have they gone?There is, of course, clock time and psychological time. The earth hasn’t speeded up and is shooting through the seasons; it is our perception of time. And this is my point. We may feel as if it is taking for ever to achieve our goals; it may appear we have been struggling against a tide of difficulty ‘forever’ but as soon as we have that breakthrough, and we’re heading onward and upward, the length of time it has taken, the months of misery and doubt, vanish.

So, if you are among that number for whom everything appears to be relentlessly dark and difficult remember it will change; one tiny shift and suddenly things begin to fall into place.Never give up.

June 2017

The Month Ahead

 Birthday’s often bring epiphanies and this year is no exception.

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