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20th Nov 2017 - 26th Nov 2017

As soon as the Sun enters Sagittarius - 22nd this year - I start to get holiday fever! In the United States Thanksgiving is celebrated on Thursday, which is the signal for the big consumer bus to get rolling. Christmas is but thirty-five days away..In the Thornton household there are bags of dried fruit and spiced this and that gathering in the kitchen cupboards, and, although the cake should have been made earlier in November, I will be baking it this week.

(Click here for my recipe, which includes sour cherries and pieces of dark chocolate.)Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and known for its optimistic, generous and philosophical nature - and the occasional thunderbolts.

And although Christmas takes place under Capricorn, the exciting, star-spangled run up to the event is ruled by jolly Sagittarius.The season of good will to all men is upon us.

November 2017

The Month Ahead

 With so many astrological blessings, you should have no cause for complaint…

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