The Week Ahead

22nd Jan 2018 - 28th Jan 2018

We’re back in the realm of Pluto and Uranus this week, courtesy of planet Mercury. And whenever these two outer planets get a look in we need to be prepared to dig deep and rid ourselves of stuff we simply don’t need.I would recommend a spring clean – and this you can do for real by eliminating the dust and debris and accumulated rubbish in your homes, the work place or wherever appropriate.

By performing a physical heave-ho the mind gets to work on eliminating a whole lot of other clutter.Still, January has been a rough month for a lot of us, and although we may have gained more than we lost – certainly in terms of experience – we’re probably looking forward to a better February.

And the prospects are quite bright.Onward and upward, people!.

January 2018

The Month Ahead

 It's a new day, a new year and a new dawn…

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