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21st Aug 2017 - 27th Aug 2017

Well, this is it: the big one! The total solar eclipse in Leo, only to be seen in its totality across North America – hence its epithet: The Great American Eclipse. Not since June 1918 has a total solar eclipse covered only the length and breadth of the United States, and on that occasion the Bahamas were drawn in too. Many other parts of the world will be able to see the eclipse, but only partially; even so, it promises to be a spectacular event.

Starting at 9:06 am Pacific Daylight Time the moon will begin to cover the face of the sun and by 10:19 the sun will be obliterated save for the corona around its rim. By 11:41 it will all be over. Given that a solar eclipse is a new moon, the aura of new chapters is all over this eclipse. And while that is a positive prospect just how a new chapter comes about can be unsettling.

You’ve only got to witness a total solar eclipse and the awesome feeling it inspires when day becomes night in the space of 60 minutes to sense a certain foreboding about the event.America is experiencing a season of uncertainty with the captain of its ship something of a loose cannon. We might hope for a new era of positive political change but I believe we should prepare for an even bumpier ride.

August 2017

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 Either you’re going to be celebrating your great good fortune or you’ll decide a whole new plan is necessary to get you to where and with whom you want to go.

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