The Week Ahead for Cancer

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This is a week with a wow in it. “Wow: did that just happen? Wow: that’s awesome!” Now, you’ll notice that I haven’t said whether the wow is great and good or ever so slightly shocking! Mars and Mercury both oppose Pluto, raising passions and generating a fairly contentious atmosphere. Wonderful if you’re madly in love or rediscovering a lost passion, but not so brilliant if you find yourself at opposite poles from someone.

Only rarely do you fight fire with fire – and this is not the time to give it a go – but neither do you want to back off without giving negotiation a chance to succeed. Maybe you have to change your strategy and perhaps you’re not going to get the outcome you wanted, but that doesn’t mean you cannot turn a stumbling block into a success story.

Cancer: 22nd June - 22nd July

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I never forget where I buried the hatchet

June 2017

The Month Ahead for Cancer

 Try not to let unnecessary worries spoil the opportunities coming your way. You may not be able to put your finger on why you feel concerned about certain aspects of your life, but with the Sun moving through the complex twelfth house, you are more vulnerable and prone to making mountains out of proverbial molehills. Share those anxieties with those in a position of knowledge, but especially around the 16th remind yourself that you are seeing your world through a Saturnian lens and by the 24th it will all look lighter and brighter. A turn-around later in the year can be expected in a matter related to the home and family, but you should see signs of positive change towards the end of this month.

The Year Ahead for Cancer (2017)


If there has been a lesson to learn over these past few years and the Uranus-Pluto tango it has been to expect the unexpected and not to bank on the bankable. And now you are more resilient and flexible. (You are, aren’t you?) Jupiter’s passage through the fourth house of your solar chart will help you find greater stability and success in 2017, although you may not get the smoothest of rides each and every month - July is particularly volatile, yet packed with excitement too.

Home and family take the top spot with some Cancerians expanding the home base whether in terms of bricks and mortar or new family members, and you could see your finances improve by an unexpected gift or the sale of a property.

A trip overseas may come about unexpectedly early in the year or a permanent move abroad could be on the cards.

Love and relationships

Venus will be in pride of place from February through May making love a priority, whether plans are being laid down for a special event in 2017 or a partner requires support and a relationship needs work. If you are single and seeking love can be found in connection with work or with someone of power and influence.

In December Saturn will enter the zone of relationships encouraging some of you to name the day and others to suspect the party may be over. What will help you make the best of the Saturn transit to come in 2018 is to nail down problems when they first arise in a relationship.

August is the most romantic month of 2017, but Christmas Day could prove even more significant for the future of a relationship.

Work, life goals and finance

Given your need for security and your strong sense of loyalty you can stay in jobs that do not reflect your skills or provide you with the opportunities you require to grow and prosper. This is the reason behind any unanticipated job changes this year.

Ideally, you should get in the driver’s seat and push for change. Jupiter will underpin your efforts bringing success in the wake of radical moves, and you certainly have the wind in your sails from February to May. The eclipses of the year largely fall on the financial axis, so there could be surprise gains and losses, especially in March and August.

While there is always a need for caution with large scale investments, 2017 could find you purchasing a first or second home in a distant place.

Celestial Tip

If you give people enough room and a spade, they will dig their own graves. Put another way, don’t waste time trying to prove you’re right, other people will do that for you. Life is short. Too short to keep on keeping on when a project or relationship is dragging you down.

Does it really matter what people think of you? You have gifts that are going to waste and time is running out. Whether this advice applies to your career or your love life - whatever - before Saturn enters Capricorn in December you want to have at least started to get your ducks in a row.

It’s time you joined the winners’ circle.

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