The Week Ahead

27th Mar 2017 - 2nd Apr 2017

Jupiter and Pluto square off this week, although they have been in loose relationship for quite some time and will continue to be bonded together well into April and beyond. This is quite the boom-bust aspect – great gains can occur at this time and situations can spiral out of control. How synchronistic that the IAU (International Astronomical Union) has reversed its decision of August 2006 and restored Pluto to full planetary status.

Not that Pluto’s eminence was ever doubted by astrologers.Pluto takes roughly 248 years to complete its orbit around the sun and pass through each sign of the zodiac. This is why a Pluto transit to a planet or point in a natal chart can be active for two years. A Pluto transit has the effect of stripping away features of one’s life that are no longer appropriate; it is a period when we feel up against fate and unable to exert control over what is happening.

Yet it can also be a time of great breakthroughs and joyous events. Transformation being the common denominator.If you have a birthday on and around 8th January, April, July and October or you have personal planets and points near 18 degrees of the Cardinal signs you will be in the front line of transformational events this year. For better or worse. The way of Pluto.

April 2017

The Month Ahead

 On the 28th Venus returns to your sign, clearing away the clouds and setting you back on course for success. Indeed, results will be all the sweeter for your trials…

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