The Week Ahead

27th Feb 2017 - 5th Mar 2017

We may be a mere three weeks away from the vernal equinox, but neither the weather nor world events are showing any signs of spring.Mercury and Saturn are in charge of cosmic affairs this week, which means yet more reality checks and a generally dispiriting aura surrounding events.

However, I have discovered that if you positively embrace a difficult challenge under such an aspect, you can achieve great things.So, on your check list of don’t-want-to-deal-with-this go to the top and make a start.

Once you’ve begun you’ll be surprised how much progress you’ll make and how wonderful the deep sense of satisfaction you gain once you’ve reached the end.Go on, I dare you!.

March 2017

The Month Ahead

 As a sign deeply connected with the ocean and similarly subject to sudden sea-changes whether of thought, feelings or life-direction, it is time you took charge of your own destiny.

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