Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her ninety-second birthday on Saturday, 21st April, and with Uranus about to conjunct her Taurus Sun and Pluto on her Capricorn Ascendant, this is going to be a birthday to remember, and a year never to be forgotten.

Change and transformation are indeed writ large in her stars.

The Queen

On the 19th the Commonwealth heads of government gathered for their two-day summit at Buckingham Palace, one of the issues under discussion being who will take over from the Queen as head of the Commonwealth once she is no longer with us.

Prince Charles would appear to be the natural choice, and this was certainly a hope put forward by Her Majesty in her speech, but it seems Commonwealth leaders are divided as to whether or not he should take over. Indeed, a poll conducted by Sky data revealed that only 44% of people polled believed Charles should head the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen's Solar Return
The Queen's Solar Return

This is probably only the first of such controversies set to dog the Queen over the next twelve months, but, first, of course, there is the wedding of the year. And with a Mars-square-Uranus on the day itself, there's sure to be something controversial in there somewhere.

Life doesn't get any easier as you grow older, not even if you are the Queen of England.

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23rd Apr 2018 - 29th Apr 2018

I for one am going to be glad to see the back of April. It’s been one difficult alignment after another, and although excellent events have taken place, there has been considerable turmoil.This week sports a Mercury-Saturn square and a Mars-Pluto conjunction, so we’re not yet out of the woods, whether in terms of our individual circumstances or world events.

It’s going to be a tough week. Saturn now in retrograde is squaring Mercury for a second time this month, so it may help to look at events that occurred on or around April 5th to see whether or not they are impacting a current situation.

In September Saturn will turn direct and square Mercury for a third time (23rd) linking all three periods of time. And, as I often say with hard Saturn aspects: what goes around comes around. Acting with integrity and honesty has never been more important.


April 2018

Taurus: Not perhaps the best of starts to the month, but, like a fine wine, April improves as time goes by…


Cooking Under The Stars

An excerpt from Woman&Home magazine...

Penny Thornton learned how to cook at around the same time she was taking astrology classes. Back in the late 1970s, her then-husband was a sous-chef at London's Dorchester Hotel. Then in the mid-90s, Penny, who was living in the US, had a ten-minute daily slot on the Food Network, combining astrology and food.

As Penny explains, "The relationship between astrology and food is based on the ancient belief that all things in the universe are connected. Animals, birds, fish and plants were all 'ruled' by a planet or sign."

Penny's new book, The Zodiac Cooks, embraces her two passions. It's an amusing and informative gastronomic romp through the zodiac alongside delicious recipes. So read on to find out whether you really are suited to spelt...

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