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So, England failed to get to the final and Donald Trump managed to seriously upset the Germans, the French, the Brits and pretty well everyone in the EU but far away in a cave in Thailand twelve boys and their football coach were rescued from their perilous plight. It may be the search and rescue of the decade. The stuff of Hollywood epics.

A solar eclipse, especially when it is opposed by Pluto, is destined to bring what is concealed in the darkness into the light. And the rescue of the boys perfectly reflects this powerful theme. And in a hugely positive way.

Not all things that occur at such a time are as wonderful, however, as I am sure Antonio Conte who was sacked as manager of Chelsea Football Team on Friday the 13th, the day of the solar eclipse, would agree.

Thai Cave Rescue - Football Team

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16th Jul 2018 - 22nd Jul 2018

On Sunday, the Sun enters Leo, although if you live in Australia or the Far East it will arrive in this sign on Monday. This is why knowing your time of birth and where you were born is so crucial. Before 22hrs 01 BST (British Summer Time) you’ll be a Cancerian but at one minute past ten you’re a Leo! There is no such thing as being “born on the cusp”: you’re either one sign or the other. Of course, the waters can get a little muddied if you happen to have Venus and Mercury in the next-door-neighbour sign, or any other personal planets or points there, but given that the Sun is your power tool, astrologically speaking, the sign it is in has a huge bearing on who you are and how you carve out your life path.I often describe a sun-sign as a nationality: you belong to a certain nation and share many of the mores and manners of that nation with your fellow countrymen.

I mean, if you describe someone as “terribly British” or “typically French” we’d all get the picture. And so it is with your sun sign. You share many of the characteristics of that sign with millions upon millions of people, yet you are your own unique self.Cancer and Leo could not be more different: Cancer is a water sign, emotionally driven and emotionally complex, while Leo is a fire sign, a go-getter, a sign that wears its heart on its sleeve.

Five years ago, Prince George came into the world on the day the Sun moved from Cancer to Leo. At 16hrs 24 the Sun was in the final degree and the final minute of Cancer; roughly 30 minutes later and he’d have been born a Leo. And if you take an interest in the young prince’s development, you can already see that he is thoughtful, sensitive and a tad shy, qualities entirely reflective of his Cancerian Sun, although if you asked his parents what sign of the zodiac he is, they’d probably say, “Oh, he was born on the cusp…”.


July 2018

Cancer: An unexpected birthday celebration may not be the only surprise in store. All new moons open a fresh chapter, but when they are eclipsed they do so with knobs on!


Cooking Under The Stars

An excerpt from Woman&Home magazine...

Penny Thornton learned how to cook at around the same time she was taking astrology classes. Back in the late 1970s, her then-husband was a sous-chef at London's Dorchester Hotel. Then in the mid-90s, Penny, who was living in the US, had a ten-minute daily slot on the Food Network, combining astrology and food.

As Penny explains, "The relationship between astrology and food is based on the ancient belief that all things in the universe are connected. Animals, birds, fish and plants were all 'ruled' by a planet or sign."

Penny's new book, The Zodiac Cooks, embraces her two passions. It's an amusing and informative gastronomic romp through the zodiac alongside delicious recipes. So read on to find out whether you really are suited to spelt...

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