By booking any of my direct consultations you will get your reading and response directly from me.

Ask Penny

The Ask Penny service is probably the most popular reading service on my website. Ask me a question and I will personally set up your natal chart, calculate the progressions and transits and give you my best considered opinion.

While it is helpful to you to focus your thoughts on a single, most important point, the more detail you provide surrounding your question, the more fully it will be answered.

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£50.00 GBP

Consultation With Penny

This consultation lasts 1 hour and is conducted via Skype at a mutually agreeable time. I will get in touch with you via e-mail to arrange the consultation time so please let me know where you are in the world so that I can take your timezone into account.

I can record the session if you would like to keep a record of it.

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£150.00 GBP

Consultation - Return Booking

If you have had a consultation with Penny in the past 12 months you are eligible to use this discounted option to book another consultation.

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Penny Thornton

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