The Week Ahead for Aquarius

23rd Jan 2017 - 29th Jan 2017A new chapter.  

You may not be able to see the new moon but it is in your sign and signals the opening of a new chapter. That fresh chapter may not have its signature event this week but over the next two to four weeks a development will trigger the new and the different. However, as with all new beginnings, something has to be despatched and in most cases a degree of sadness will be involved.

Not all relationships will stand the pressures of this time and some situations have done their time, so although you may be reluctant to break the ties that bind, in doing so you will be liberated and propelled onto a new and more appropriate path.

Aquarius: 21st January - 19th February

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It's not easy always being right

January 2017

The Month Ahead for Aquarius

 2017 officially begins on the 19th when the Sun enters your sign. Before then, you may feel somewhat confused about developments and less in charge of your own life. So why fight the trend? Leave the decision-making until you know how you truly feel. You could be experiencing some doubts about a love relationship, if only because your partner seems reluctant to make plans for the future, but you may feel something indefinable has changed within you. Later in the month you’ll have clarity and the new moon in Aquarius (27th) marks a fresh start. Don’t leave it too late to plug a financial hole - a rescue operation can be successful if mounted early in the month, futile later.

The Year Ahead for Aquarius (2017)


Any year with two eclipses in your sign is going to be a big year. Think back to August of 2015, did anything significant occur then? Effectively, this was the beginning of a two year period in which much will change, first and foremost in your love life and second your priorities and life-focus.

February is an outstanding month, whether you see the successful culmination of a project begun some six months beforehand or because you are able to begin a new and exciting chapter. There could be plenty of travel, and if you’re not visiting distant places you’ll be mixing with people from different cultures and expanding your knowledge and experience of the world.

Indeed, one of the reasons 2017 is a big year could be because of where you go and who you meet. Destiny awaits….

Love and relationships

Aquarians do not just want any old romance; you want the works. You are looking for a unique person and an exceptional level of connectedness. If ever there was a year in which the thunderbolt of love could strike it is 2017 – February and August are ripe for a magic moment or two.

And if you’re already smitten, what are you waiting for? Set that date and preferably in mid-September. There are going to be Aquarians for whom the Love Boat has again set sail without them but there is an aura of past loves about the coming year, which may translate as the rekindling of an old relationship or a new love interest who reminds you of a former lover.

So, don’t be afraid to contact someone you still have feelings for. Certainly 2017 is not the year to give up on love.

Work, life goals and finance

Broadening your scope is the secret of success. Do not allow the fear of moving away from a familiar place to stand in the way of progress. Great jobs and a better quality of life may well lie in foreign parts, and you may want to consider relocating in the event that a job comes unexpectedly to an end.

Your energies should also be focussed on beefing up your skills and expanding your portfolio. You want to be ready and equipped to take on bigger challenges in 2018. Learning a language and getting your ideas out to a bigger audience whether through publishing or the internet could also be on the agenda.

Neptune has been influencing finances for some years but the past two may have been particularly difficult in the way that people and projects have failed to live up to their promises. From February, this trend begins to fade.

Celestial Tip

Take the plunge. If you don’t do it now – whatever it may be – you’ll never do it. Eclipses change people’s lives. You can sit around and simply wait for the stars to do their work, but if you have dreams, goals and desires you have to get behind them now.

And the eclipses will help you manifest them. While it may be preferable to have all your ducks in a row before you make a big life change, if the moment comes, even if you feel you are not ready, seize it.

You don’t want to take up permanent residence in the land of lost opportunities.

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