Donald Trump

14th June 1946,10:54; Jamaica, New York

  • Sun: Gemini
  • Moon: Sagittarius
  • Ascendant: Leo

ON 16TH JUNE LAST YEAR, TWO DAYS AFTER HIS 69th birthday, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States: his campaign slogan - Make America Great Again - drawing cheers from his adoring fans. At Republican Party headquarters, however, much hemming and hawing was to be heard. The general opinion was that Trump would crash and burn within months, but by August it was clear he was not only here to stay but capable of winning the Republican nomination.

"First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you... And then they build monuments to you." David Klein, Union leader.

TRUMP WAS BORN ON 14TH JUNE, 1946 AT 10:54 am in Jamaica, New York. Five minutes later and in place of fiery Leo on the Ascendant, discerning and self-effacing Virgo would have been rising. And instead of the Sun ruling the chart - and in the sign of communication, Gemini - it would have been Mercury in cautious Cancer. What a difference a couple of minutes makes.

Not only is extrovert Leo rising in Trump's chart but Mars in Leo is conjunct the Ascendant. He was destined from birth to be a fighter, relishing conflict and enjoying the cut and thrust of boardroom battles. Mars has the benefit of being in-sextile to the Sun and trined by the Moon in fiery Sagittarius, providing him with charm in abundance and a degree of sheer good luck - a factor fortified by the Sun’s trine to Jupiter in the second house of finance and self-worth.

Trump was also born on a total lunar eclipse and eclipse babies have a powerful destiny to fulfil. They are not always blessed by fate - often cursed by it - but they have the capacity to make a big impact on their world. At this time, Saturn is transiting his opposite sign, poised to conjunct his Moon and oppose his Sun in January of 2017 - curiously enough around the time of the presidential inauguration. Could this translate as his taking on the greatest responsibility of a life-time, or his feeling the full weight of defeat as he watches one of his opponents making the oath of office?

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born into wealth. The fourth of five children he was brought up in a mansion in Queens, and privately educated. An aggressive child, unafraid to take on fellow students and teachers alike, aged thirteen he was shipped off to the New York Military Academy. (He describes his senior year at the Academy as giving him "more military training that a lot of guys who go into the Military,".)

His father, Fred, was one of New York's leading real estate developers, and after completing university (Fordham) and the Wharton School of Business (University of Pennsylvania) he joined the family firm.

Manhattan in the Nineteen-sixties and Seventies shaped Donald's view of the world. Then it was survival of the fittest in real estate and Trump emerged a winner, time and again. Aged thirty-four, he founded the Trump Organization. Never a stranger to controversy, however, since 1980 his corporations have filed for bankruptcy four times (1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009).

His private life is redolent with high romance, high stakes and controversy. He has been married three times, the first ending in a hail of proverbial bullets after a very public affair with his secretary, Marla Maples, whom he married soon thereafter and divorced a handful of years later. During the divorce from his first wife, Ivana, she claimed he had raped her, although she later withdrew her assertion. In an interview on ABC television's Nightline in 2009 Donald admitted, "I just know it's very hard for them [his ex-wives] to compete because I do love what I do. I really love it." Hopefully the third Mrs Trump will fare a little better.

It would be easy to cite Trump's Venus-Saturn conjunction as the reason for his marital failures, but Donald is no different from most men of power who have an ego the size of the Statue of Liberty and the energy of an Exocet missile; he simply enjoys the thrill of the chase, the high of romantic love and the glory of sexual conquest.

However, there may be a case for pointing a finger at this Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer for a certain misogynistic attitude, which raised its ugly little head during the Presidential debate in August 2015 when Fox presenter, Megyn Kelly, asked Trump to explain why he had referred to women in the past as "dogs, slobs, fat pigs and disgusting animals". His response to her question and his subsequent derogatory comments about her "went viral" and there is now something of a festering feud between them.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

14th June 1946,10:54
Jamaica, New York

Donald appears to be yet another "Right Man" - a psychological type that is never wrong and can manipulate the truth in order to be seen in the right - which is a variation on the theme of narcissism. Another prime example of this type is Dominique Strauss-Kahn who, despite once being president of the IMF and a possible candidate for the French presidency, fell from grace when implicated in several financial and sexual scandals. These "Right Man" characteristics are somewhat synonymous with the extreme side of Aquarius, and to a lesser extent the other Fixed Signs - Taurus, Scorpio and Leo. And since Donald's Sun is conjunct Uranus and Mars rises in Leo, he has the perfect astrological credentials.

Politically-speaking, in keeping with his Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini, Trump is something of a chameleon. Until 1987 he was a Democrat; from 1987-1999 he supported the Republican Party; for two years following that he backed the Reform Party and then went back to the Democrats in 2001 until 2011; for a year he became an Independent and then joined the Republican Party in 2012.

He is not the only politically ambitious individual to change horses to speed his course, but his actions could be said to reveal a certain inconsistency. And you may notice if you listen to his speeches, he has an irritating habit of not finishing his sentences or explaining quite how some of his ideas could be brought into reality. He is master of the sound-bite.

The Iowa Caucus was clearly a humbling experience for The Donald. He believed in the truth of the polls and his unassailability. He was wrong. Well, he wasn't really wrong, of course, it was just that Ted Cruz stole the election by scooping up all Ben Carson's votes which were acquired by promoting the falsehood that Carson was dropping out of the race... Nonetheless, even if Trump can overcome the Iowa blip I'm not really sure he can win the Republican nomination.

If you look at the chart of the Republican Party, there are few positive links to Donald’s horoscope. The one that is strongest is the connection between Donald's MC-IC axis and the Republican Party's Moon at 24° Scorpio. This would tend to show that Trump's heart or his emotional core belongs in the Republican camp, but it is not enough on its own to fulfil the role of Party leader. That Donald's Ascendant-Mars combo squares the Party's Moon does instead suggest that he is an irritant to the Party and a source of conflict.

I should mention that there is another chart for the Republican Party that surfaced some four years ago and was promoted by the late David Roell. While some astrologers may find this horoscope a better fit for the Republican Party, with Venus and a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Pisces it would appear to me to be quite the reverse and a far better fit for the Democrats!

When you compare Trump's chart to that of the USA, the links are impressive:

1) Donald's Venus-Saturn conjunction is conjunct the US Mercury.
2) Donald's Mercury is the mid-point of the US Sun-Jupiter conjunction.
3) Donald's Descendant is the US Moon.
4) Donald's Moon is opposed to the US Mars.
5) Donald's Mars is opposed to the US Moon.
6) Donald's Sun is conjunct the US Mars.
7) Donald's Pluto is conjunct the US North Node.

However, striking as these links may be, they do not in themselves indicate his becoming the President. Trump has already proved himself to be a high-profile figure in the United States, both in terms of business and the entertainment industry, this is enough, surely.

In my February newsletter I aired the opinion that Donald was not presidential material and that the full moon in Capricorn (19th July) during the Republican Convention could prove his undoing. As we know, he survived the stormy gathering, just. The rest is going to be history.

Penny Thornton

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