Boris Johnson

19th June 1964,14:00; New York, NY

  • Sun: Gemini
  • Moon: Scorpio
  • Ascendant: Libra

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, known affectionately as Boris, has recently, although not for the first time, generated a proverbial storm of controversy.

In an article in The Daily Telegraph, Boris accused Barack Obama, who was visiting London at the time and stirring the political pot by airing his views on Britain’s leaving the EU, of having a bust of Sir Winston Churchill removed from The White House and nurturing anti-British sentiments because of his Kenyan upbringing. Undiplomatic would be one way of describing Boris's outburst; racist might be another.

One look at Boris’s natal chart and you see why this colourful political figure has such a knack of ruffling feathers. With Mars in Gemini squaring Uranus and Pluto he says what he thinks regardless of people’s sensibilities and he courageously stands by what he has said - in fact he’ll go to the mat for his beliefs - because that same Mars is angling Saturn.

Boris Johnson

Despite his deeply offensive statements and eccentric behaviour he is popular with the British public - some say a hefty majority of Brits would like to see him become Prime Minister - which has much to do astrologically-speaking with Libra rising and a Sun-Venus conjunction trining the Moon and Saturn.

Mr Johnson has a stellar background. He was editor of The Spectator for many years, the author of many well-reviewed books - The Churchill Factor among them - and he has been Mayor of London since May 2008.

In the February of 2016, after an "agonizingly difficult decision" Boris announced his support for the Brexit campaign, stating that he believed Britain would be better off out of Europe. Should the British people indeed vote to leave the EU, that decision will in large part have been inspired by Boris.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

19th June 1964,14:00
New York, NY

Intriguingly, Boris's Sun Venus-conjunction at 28°Gemini is precisely opposed to Great Britain’s Uranus (the planet of change and rebellion) while his Saturn-Uranus opposition at 6°Virgo-Pisces is Great Britain’s Jupiter-Pluto opposition. Thus, if anyone can arouse Britain to revolution - or in this case to leave Europe and go it alone - it is Boris.

We shall, of course, have to wait until 23rd June for the result of the referendum on the EU, but whether we’re in or we’re out I am sure Mr Johnson will continue to inspire shock and awe in the British people for many years to come.

Penny Thornton

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