The Summer Horoscope

If there was one word to sum up our summer stars it would be unpredictable. Anything from the weather to the Olympics, royalty to celebrity will be full of surprises, so whatever your plans, keep them nice and fluid.

The reason I choose the word unpredictable is that we have that volatile cocktail of Uranus, Pluto and Saturn presiding over us, and it is particularly active on or near 29 June, 15 July, 14 August and 28 September. And if you have no idea what this alignment means, just look at the euro-zone, which continues to heave, regardless how many billions are thrown at it. Ultimately, of course, all this upheaval will bring about a new and improved order, which is the way to look at any inconvenient upsets in our own lives too.

There will surely be some explosive moments, whether we’re going to be watching fantastic firework displays at glittering events, yet more protests by the people in various parts of the world or a sleeping volcano erupting, possibly in the literal and certainly in the metaphorical sense – those aforementioned dates will bring simmering situations to boiling point, and the usual suspects, Syria, Pakistan, Greece et al or international relations between China and the west are in the frame here.

Jupiter has recently arrived in Gemini where it will stay until June 2013. Communication- systems, travel, publishing, religion and education are some areas which will see huge positive change and expansion – just think about what those I-pads, Androids and tablets have already done for us, and where social networks could take us. Will everyone have their own TV channel on U-tube, I wonder. Will we all self-publish our memoirs? Talk about too much information. On the down side, inflation could spiral and reaction to those austerity measures could lead to street battles in the most cultured of capitals. We may also have some health-scares linked to air-borne viruses.

Neptune recently entered its own sign of Pisces. It is still early days as far as this planet’s potential to bring enlightenment to mankind is concerned, but during the summer its angle to Jupiter could produce some dreamy and way-out experiences. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a massive increase in UFO sightings, and this combo will be the reason behind any major developments in religious circles. As for the summer movie-business – it’s going to outdo itself in the fantasy department.

On 22 July Norway will reach the first anniversary of what has become known as the Utoya massacre. The events of that day shocked the world and drew compassion from all four corners of the globe. On this day this year there is a beautiful alignment presiding over the ceremonies to mark those dark events, and even though closure may still be a ways off, there should be a sense of unity, of moving-on, even joy in the remembrance of those bright spirits that will never be extinguished.

Mercury has gone and done it again, by which I mean this planet of travel and communications will be retrograde at the height of the holiday season, so delays, cancellations, the collapse of travel companies, even an airline, could all interfere with our vacation plans. Whatever your inconveniences though, spare a thought for London, which is holding the Olympics during Mercury’s retreat. While there may be many world records broken and brilliant displays of skill, speed and daring, getting to a fro the centres looks to be a proverbial nightmare.

Happy days!

Penny Thornton

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