The Summer Horoscope

So far, so good. The earth is still spinning on its axis, the winter snows came and went and now the trees are green, summer is here. And, I have to say, it’s a lot easier doing battle with Uranus and Saturn when the sun is out. But battle we have to do, especially if we’re one of the Cardinal team, which means Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra. Late June provides our main opportunity to discover what this alignment has in store for us, and given that we’ve witnessed earthquakes, floods and firestorms, it’s about time we reaped its more bountiful harvest which means a reversal of misfortune and a helping hand up the ladder of success.

If you are a Cardinal sign, keep your eyes trained on events around 25 June, 6 July and 9 August. There are no accidents at these times: you are seeing the outworking of fate, and whether or not you already have something big scheduled for these dates, you should be able to trace any future bolts from the blue back to them. Bear in mind both Prince William and his bride Catherine are Cardinals, and what a fantastic year it has been for them – no pressures and anxious moments, of course!

Let’s also think about the Middle East: the so-called Arab Spring is a response to this Saturn-Uranus-Pluto configuration. There is no way a new order can come about without blitzing the old, and out of the rubble will come new societies, new regimes, new countries even. And it is the same with our personal lives. We may not enjoy a shake-up but out of transformational events a new way forward will come. And we’ll discover it is what we were looking for all the time.

2011 has more eclipses than usual so this is another reason we’ve had so many pivotal events – take the discovery of Osama Bin Laden for instance. In the main, the eclipses have focused, and will continue to do so, on the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius so it is the Mutable group, of which Pisces and Virgo are also members, that are in line for the biggest discoveries. The meaning of an eclipse tends to be brought to us through a person, so for the Mutables relationships are going to be the arena of great events this summer.

The Mutables also have Neptune casting a spell on their lives, especially those with birthdays early in their sign. Well, we all need a bit of magic, which often comes in the form of people with whom we fall in love and new babies that bring so much love with them. So, the summer is going to be a very special time for this group, even without the advent of a new arrival or a passionate encounter.

June 4 is going to be an important date for the Fixed signs – that’s Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius – for this is when magnificent Jupiter enters Taurus, remaining there for almost a year. And why is this such good news? Jupiter is the only planet guaranteed to produce a gift for us, and all these signs should expect the summer and the months beyond to be a period of intense growth. You’ll find Jupiter at its generous best during the week of 4 July and towards the end of August.

And speaking of August. Just when most of Europe is jetting away to the sun spots, Mercury, the planet of travel and communication turns retrograde. This therefore could turn out to be a summer of irritating public transport strikes and general impediments to seamless journeys. And those security checks could be even more tortuous and time-consuming. In many ways, this is the month to stay home and appreciate the beauties and benefits of the homeland. The period around 5th and 11th August is worth a special mention: while this may turn out to be the moment destiny strikes in the most fabulous way, it’s not the time to allow frustration to get the better of you!

Have a happy and fun-filled summer, and a serene one!


Penny Thornton

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