The Autumn Horoscope

So, here we are in the final quarter of what has been a very difficult year for many. 2010 started out with a massive earthquake in Haiti, followed by an equally strong one in Chile. The euro teetered on the edge of extinction and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico extinguished livelihoods and devastated sea life. You could be forgiven for thinking those dire prophecies in Revelations might be coming true.

I disagree. We are labouring under a particularly challenging set of alignments but out of them great and good things will come. And, let's face it, Norway is one of the countries doing comparatively well in this global correction - a trend set to continue as we negotiate our way through the early years of this decade.

I have my eyes trained on 1 October. This will be the first meeting of the sun and Saturn in Libra for twenty-eight years, so we have a great opportunity to see what it can do for us in the sense of balancing our budgets and finding solutions that are fair and just. Libra is the sign influencing money and resources in the horoscope of Norway so there is both a harvest taking place in the sense of economic measures proving successful but also a slight slowing down of growth and an extra cautious approach to investments and lending. Put another way, you're still going to have to go through a lot of hoops to borrow money from banks and financial institutions.

If you are twenty-eight years of age or fifty-seven Saturn will be returning to its original place in your horoscope so the autumn and the following nine months represent a kind of coming of age. You might settle down, start a business or a family, become a grand-parent or retire; then again you could have a rude awakening and decide you need to down-size and become a lot more self-disciplined. A similar theme will be present with those of you who are around forty-three years of age: reality and reckonings.

This quarter Librans, Arians, Cancerians and Capricorns are first in line when it comes to rewards for their work and solid evidence of their worth but you'll also pay a high price for any bad habits - which includes toxic relationships. I note that the Crown Prince and Princess and Martha Louise and Ari Behn have Saturn transits this quarter, so they're working hard but not always with joy in their hearts! Jupiter and Uranus continue to produce some fantastic opportunities for Pisceans, Virgoans, Geminians and Sagittarians, although it will remain difficult to make plans and have them work out to the letter. Taureans, Scorpions, Leos and Aquarians have Neptune in their corner, so a course in miracles and muddles is on the menu.

Being a bit of a fashion junkie I like to watch the way the planetary cycles affect style trends. My guess would be that Saturn's position in Libra and Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces will give us a look that is both tailored and romantic - leather contrasted by lace and frills, perhaps. Marilyn Monroe meets Madonna. And is nude the new black?

Another period of great interest astrologically-speaking is mid-to-late December. A total lunar eclipse in Gemini could be a forerunner to yet another earthquake or natural disaster and, if you're planning to travel around the New Year, with Mercury in retrograde, expect to be delayed, re-routed and generally hindered by the weather and world affairs. On the other hand, you could be bathing in nostalgia and enjoying a very special trip down memory lane.

This eclipse also sets a seal on 2010. It will have been a year to remember in so many rich and varied ways. But now, with three months to go, these tough planetary influences can be harnessed to make that final push - whatever that means to you personally. I'm certainly going to be tying up some loose ends and putting the finishing touches to my new book. Then, of course there is your year ahead horoscope to prepare...

Penny Thornton

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