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20th Feb 2017 - 26th Feb 2017

Another week; another eclipse: this time in Pisces.If you’ve ever witnessed a solar eclipse, you’ll know how eerie it is. Daylight gradually disappears as the moon covers the face of the sun, and suddenly it is completely dark. It seems like the end of the world. Of course, it isn’t, but all eclipses have their dark side.On this occasion the ring of fire will be visible only from the southern tip of South America and southern and western Africa, although much of South America and Africa will have a partial view.In terms of astrology, a solar eclipse is a portent of the new, so if you have a birthday on or near the 26th or you know you have planets and points at 8 degrees of the Mutable signs, you can look forward to opening a new chapter in the coming months.Nonetheless, eclipses tend to coincide with world events of a disturbing nature, and we certainly have enough simmering situations poised to reach boiling point at any moment.Hang onto your hats!.

Archive: 30th November - 30th November

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February 2017

The Month Ahead for Archive

 Think back to August last year. Did an ending and a beginning take place? Certainly, there is a link between then and now, which may only be revealed on and around the 11th - at the time of the lunar eclipse…

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