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22nd May 2017 - 28th May 2017

Occasionally in my ‘mail bag’ I receive questions about dominant planets. What are they? Why are they dominant?It is possible to have more than one dominant planet in a natal chart, even so there are usually reasons why one is more prominent than the others. A planet assumes ‘super powers’ when it is situated on one of the four angles of a natal chart – the Mid-heaven, the IC, the Ascendant and the Descendant. However, as far as having a direct effect on your persona – traits people would immediately identify you by – a planet above or below the Ascendant is going to wield more weight.Of course, this becomes a whole lot more complicated if you have a tight little cluster around your Ascendant.

But that’s for another day.Rising planets, as they are called, can affect the personality so greatly that they can overpower the Sun sign, which is why it is so very difficult for astrologers to ascertain what Sun sign you may be simply from looking at you! Think about Donald Trump for a moment. What the world sees is Mars rising in Leo – all that bombast, even the hair and the swagger! Yet he is a Gemini.There are other reasons why one or more planets can dominate in a chart, but being angular is the most common.

Archive: 30th November - 30th November

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May 2017

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 After the stops, starts and reversals of the last few weeks you begin to make progress. You have your mojo back and instead of waiting for other people to reach decisions, you can call the shots…

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