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24th Jul 2017 - 30th Jul 2017

July draws to a close on yet another set of impressive aspects, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll already feel as though you’ve been through the proverbial mill. But, onwards and upwards.Although there may be many ways to handle the events that appear out of the blue, the two main courses of action are fight or flee. We either put on our battle gear and get things sorted or we decide a situation is simply not worth the bother and turn our backs on it. And both have their merits.Sometimes we simply make matters worse by wading into the breach when a dignified withdrawal would enable us to move on and focus on other things.

And I think we can look at some leaders of nations who might be better giving in gracefully at this time.I’m not advising turning the other cheek in any and every contentious situation, but in my experience having fought many battles in my time, eventually we have to make peace so we might as well do so sooner than later.

Archive: 30th November - 30th November

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August 2017

The Month Ahead for Archive

 Either you’re going to be celebrating your great good fortune or you’ll decide a whole new plan is necessary to get you to where and with whom you want to go.

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