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23rd Jan 2017 - 29th Jan 2017

This Saturday is a big day in the Chinese calendar: it marks the beginning of the New Year, and celebrations will go on for a couple of weeks,2017 is the year of the Rooster and considered to be a divisive year in political, economic, social and religious terms. Collaborations of all sorts are key to success, although building bridges and learning to work as a team is going to be difficult. (I’m already thinking of the EU and the Palestine-Israel situation.) A Rooster year is known as a wake-up year, a year of new beginnings, which chimes with numerology in that 2017 is a number one year.I don’t pay a huge amount of attention to Chinese astrology, which is as equally complex as our western system, but I was fascinated by the notion that for Donald Trump who is a Fire Dog (well-I-never, who’d have thought it) is likely to experience problems with relationships and may face betrayals and serious set-backs.

With a largely absent First Lady and a host of enemies with their swords out, that’s one prediction I can guarantee.

Archive: 30th November - 30th November

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January 2017

The Month Ahead for Archive

 January is the month to face realities if you intend to maximize your success and fulfil your New Year resolutions, and should you have to cut your losses, so be it…

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