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25th Sep 2017 - 1st Oct 2017

Let’s talk Uranus! Or, rather, Jupiter and Uranus. On Thursday, these two planets stand at opposite sides of the zodiac for the third and final time in this cycle. (You’ll need to think back to early March and last Christmas to get a feel of this electrifying aspect.) It is thus an important event and we can expect some dazzling results.Jupiter, in its role as the Greater Benefic can inspire success and joy while Uranus on a good day may bring welcome and unexpected blessings. But the other side of these two mighty planets is trouble in a bottle.

Think excess, inflation and devastation.Imagine a forest fire. The wind whisks the flames from tree to tree rendering to cinders all in its path. Yet this process has a huge upside in that in the aftermath sunlight can reach the forest floor thereby encouraging new and abundant growth. If you have this transit making a connection with your natal chart, sudden and unexpected change is upon you. And whether you enjoy events or feel blown to bits by them, in time they will be of great benefit. There will be abundance.

Archive: 30th November - 30th November

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September 2017

The Month Ahead for Archive

 When you know where you stand, you can move forward, and whatever else September may bring it will produce answers…

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